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About Absolute Maybe


Janet's been holding a microphone since she was a kid. (Well, as a kid it was probably a hairbrush not a mic, but you get the idea...) She credits her brother and father for teaching her about good music when she was young, and has them to thank for her love of classic rock. Her favorite band is Rush, and going to Rush concerts was a family affair. 
Janet competed in several singing competitions in her younger days. She is most proud of beating out a former "mean girl" classmate when she placed first in the Rushville Talent Competition, singing an Italian aria in the final round to win the Mount Morris Idol singing competition, and making it to the top 6 in the inaugural Lovin' Cup Idol competition. (Darn that Diva Week!!) In 2011, Janet also auditioned for and was accepted into the Eastman-Rochester Chorus where she spent two years pretending to be a soprano. 
Janet knew she was destined for greatness when she joined her first band in high school and made a whopping $60 (split 5 ways) at a coffee house gig. Years later, she tried her best at singing Irish when she joined the Everheart band. Janet later co-founded the acoustic duo, Genesee Junction. She is very thankful to still play gigs with both groups.
After waking up from the nightmare that was 2020, Janet is thrilled to join Dan on another exciting musical adventure with Absolute Maybe. See you out there!


Although Dan has never seen Rush in concert, he hails from Rush. New York, that is. Coincidence? Maybe. We do, however, know some things for certain:

Dan's a founding member of The Jane Mutiny, an acoustic/ alternative/ folky/ funky/ blues band. You can hear them on WRUR and WITH and catch them occasionally around town. (There's even talk of an international tour in Spain for next year.)


As a fan of Motown, R&B, and soul music, Dan put together Cadillac Dawn to bring out the funk—playing the songs that poured out of AM radios in the 70s. "Do you need a better reason to use a wah-wah pedal?"


Dan presents the annual Eric Clapton Tribute night, bringing together a bunch of Rochester's favorite musicians. "It's a thrill to share the stage with the best players around. Pure magic."

And there's always been the projects—the one-off shows playing music of The Band and The Rolling Stones and the invites to be part of tribute shows—Tom Waits, Richard Thompson, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, The Police, and Bob Dylan, just to name a couple.

Fun fact: While he was a member of the still popular band, Blue Sky, Dan played at rodeos, weddings, tractor pulls, gazebos, festivals, and country bars—but never learned to line dance.

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